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Routine Lawnmower Servicing

Every Month / 12 Hours Operation

  • Remove the lawnmowers spark plug and clean the electrodes with a wire brush. Reset the gap to the size recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check the condition of all electrical wires/leads on the lawnmower.
  • Blades - check the cutting edges, file down small nicks only. If large nicks are present, remove the blade and check the balance of the blade.
  • Check the security of all nuts and bolts.
  • On cylinder lawnmowers - check the setting of the cylinder blade with the fixed bottom blade, ensure it has the correct scissors cutting action.
  • Lubricate all moving parts of the height adjusters and controls.
  • Thoroughly clean the lawnmower with a stiff brush to remove any grass or soil build-up.
  • Check the fuel level.

Every Two Months / 25 Hours Operation

In addition to the above items:

  • Clean the air filter, replace if needed.
  • If contact breakers fitted - clean and reset the gap.
  • Drain and refill the lawnmowers engine oil.
  • If fitted - clean the fuel filter.
  • Check the idling, speed up response and adjust the lawnmowers carburettor if needed.
  • Remove the blade (rotary mower) and check the balance.
  • Adjust the mowers hand controls if needed.
  • Adjust the chains or belts on cylinder mowers and self propelled mowers.
  • Lubricate all moving parts, including cutting height adjustment controls.
  • Check the blade (cylinder mowers) is not bent.
  • Check the condition and sharpness of the blade. If necessary have the blade ground at a specialist lawnmower service centre or replace.
  • Grease the drive chains (if fitted), we recommend an anti fling motorcycle chain lubricant.
  • Inspect any drive belts for wear or cracking.

End Of Season / Every 12 Months Operation

In addition to all above items:

  • Check the compression of the lawnmowers engine (use a screw in tester) - if not satisfactory, consider overhauling the engine.
  • Remove the engines cylinder head, remove all carbon deposits, inspect valves/valve seats, consider regrinding; adjust valve clearances.
  • Check the mowers starter mechanism, renew pull cord if needed.
  • Drain and refill the lawnmowers engine oil.
  • Drain and clean the carburettor.
  • Clean the mowers fuel/petrol tap.
  • Check and clear the vent hole in the petrol tank cap.
  • Fit a new air filter.
  • Check condition of the mowers blade. If blunt or damaged either have reground and balanced or replace.
  • Check the condition of all visible bearings, replace where worn.
  • Refill with fresh fuel, check all controls operate correctly.
  • Check condition of the lawnmowers grass collection bag/box.
  • If storing at end of season add a fuel additive.


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